Value creation is based on sound management of people, teams and social relations. The contribution of managers and HR specialists is, in this context, essential and their missions exciting : managing the challenges of attraction, development, mobilization and retention of the skills required, taking into account the different stakeholders of the organization; accompanying the changes; ( internationalization, deploying new technologies…) ; advising and supporting (collaborators, managers, committees) ; steering negotiations .
Mastering HR management today requires not only enlightened knowledge of the possible leverage actions but also:


  • Knowledge of the mechanisms of human behaviour (organizational behaviour),
  • A good understanding of the internal and external contexts of the company.


Our conviction is that efficient actions are obtained through comprehension.

And one should act as a man of thought and think as a man of action.


The Université Paris-Dauphine provides the opportunity of acquiring the necessary skills for a pragmatic and well-reasoned engagement, while, at the same time, allowing for the pursuit of a professional activity. If you wish to develop your expertise in the field of human and collective management, the MBA in Human Resources at Dauphine will meet your expectations.
The HR MBA is a top-level course which:

  • Is for HRMs, HRDs and all the managers (Division or Establishment Directors; Secretaries-General or team managers; engineers, jurists and managers of various functions evolving towards managerial activities and/or HR) who wish to increase their knowledge of the functioning of organizations and to develop their expertise in human and collective management.
  • Confer a double degree (grade of Master and MBA)
  • Spread over 18 months part-time: one Friday and Saturday every 2 weeks + 3 weeks at the beginning, mid and end of the course.
  • Relies on a highly qualified teaching body


The position of the HR MBA is unique:

  • It covers the essential of the spectrum of courses in management, as for the Executive MBA: strategy, organization, finance, management control, marketing, etc.
  • It includes a specialization, as for Executive Masters: Human Resources management.


This combined approach (transversal and vertical) which makes the HR MBA a hybrid format between the HR Master and the Executive Master MBA, and is fully justified in the case of training current or future members of board committees:

  • All the members of a board committee should cultivate their capacity to engage in dialogue with their colleagues performing other duties and strive to articulate their proposals directed to challenges facing the organization employing them.
  • All the members of a board committee should develop their expertise in a specific field (in charge of a function, a HR function) or in human collective management (in charge of business units).


The credibility and influence of HRD and HRMs relies on a recognized sound expertise, a good understanding of strategic challenges, the organizational, financial and marketing aspects of organizations.


The HR MBA relies on several principles:

  • An organization of the course allowing for the constraints of working executives.
  • An economic and social vision of management and HR management.
  • An opening towards other cultural environments and other worlds.
  • Individualised accompaniment of the participants (coaching, mentoring, workshops and defending a dissertation).
  • Collective work on real workplace situations of the participants.
  • A balance between knowledge of the functioning of organizations, knowledge of others and self-knowledge.


Your professional future is through human resources management. Prepare it with us.

Fabien Blanchot
Director of the MBA in Human Resources Management


Program Director



Training Assistant

Marie-Camille DELACROIX 

Tel. : 01 44 05 42 50

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