Important Information

Beginning of the next session
February 2018

The essential information


Key Dates

  • Next  MBA MRH academic year : February 2017.
  • Recruiting candidates : from April 2016 to January 2017.
  • Application deadline : December 2016.


Organization of the Course

  • From February 2017 to July 2018.
  • Fridays and Saturdays once a fortnight ( every other week and very occasionally, the classes take place on a Sunday).
  • Three full weeks spread over 17 months.


Practical Details

  • The seminars take place at the Paris-Dauphine University (and very occasionally at one of our partner establishments),
  • All meals and breaks are provided for by the university,
  • For practical reasons, all the meals will be taken on the course site.


Tuition Fees

The fees for the course are 19 500 euros

Including :

  • Seminar attendance,
  • Additional conferences,
  • The Elégia seminar of your choice in their catalogue,
  • Course aids kit,
  • Remote monitoring by the team of teachers,
  • Remote access to educational resources,
  • Wi-Fi access at Dauphine,
  • Pedagogical documents and course material,
  • Subscription to the Éditions Législatives,
  • Breaks and lunches during the seminars.
  • 1-week trip to Montreal (transport fares and meals not included)


Financing the course

The course may be:

  • financed fully by the candidate,
  • financed fully by a company,
  • financed partially by a source of funding, example Fongécif,
  • or financed jointly! It is the responsibility of the candidate to contact the source of funding his company works with.

More Information, download  Démarre le téléchargement du fichier"financements de votre projet de formation"

Special offer Dauphine Executive Education

To fund your training plan, Dauphine Executive Education can give you the opportunity to benefit from a special offer in partnership with Société Générale. To know more, click here.

To obtain detailed information on ... :

  • the MBA spirit
  • the objectives
  • the program
  • educational methods
  • the planning


... Download the following documents :


Démarre le téléchargement du fichierMBA MRH presentation

Démarre le téléchargement du fichierApplication form

Démarre le téléchargement du fichierCourse contents

Démarre le téléchargement du fichierPlanning 2016 - 2017

Un exemple de cas pédagogique utilisé dans le programme :
La fabrique des politiques RH

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