Important Information

Beginning of the next session
February 2018

The essential information


Key Dates

  • Next  MBA MRH academic year : February 2017.
  • Recruiting candidates : from April 2016 to January 2017.
  • Application deadline : December 2016.


Organization of the Course

  • From February 2017 to July 2018.
  • Fridays and Saturdays once a fortnight ( every other week and very occasionally, the classes take place on a Sunday).
  • Three full weeks spread over 17 months.


Practical Details

  • The seminars take place at the Paris-Dauphine University (and very occasionally at one of our partner establishments),
  • All meals and breaks are provided for by the university,
  • For practical reasons, all the meals will be taken on the course site.


Tuition Fees

The fees for the course are 19 500 euros

Including :

  • Seminar attendance,
  • Additional conferences,
  • The ElĂ©gia seminar of your choice in their catalogue,
  • Course aids kit,
  • Remote monitoring by the team of teachers,
  • Remote access to educational resources,
  • Wi-Fi access at Dauphine,
  • Pedagogical documents and course material,
  • Subscription to the Éditions LĂ©gislatives,
  • Breaks and lunches during the seminars.
  • 1-week trip to Montreal (transport fares and meals not included)


Financing the course

The course may be:

  • financed fully by the candidate,
  • financed fully by a company,
  • financed partially by a source of funding, example FongĂ©cif,
  • or financed jointly! It is the responsibility of the candidate to contact the source of funding his company works with.

More Information, download  DĂ©marre le tĂ©lĂ©chargement du fichier"financements de votre projet de formation"

Special offer Dauphine Executive Education

To fund your training plan, Dauphine Executive Education can give you the opportunity to benefit from a special offer in partnership with Société Générale. To know more, click here.

To obtain detailed information on ... :

  • the MBA spirit
  • the objectives
  • the program
  • educational methods
  • the planning


... Download the following documents :


Démarre le téléchargement du fichierMBA MRH presentation

Démarre le téléchargement du fichierApplication form

Démarre le téléchargement du fichierCourse contents

Démarre le téléchargement du fichierPlanning 2016 - 2017

Un exemple de cas pédagogique utilisé dans le programme :
La fabrique des politiques RH

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