MBA RH - Promotion 12


"Suivre le MBA RH était un défi personnel et professionnel. Après une dizaine d'années dans le marketing, j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir changer de métier dans la même organisation et de découvrir les Ressources Humaines. J'ai eu besoin de "valider" cette reconversion par une formation théorique, sans doute pour me sentir intimement plus légitime dans mes nouvelles fonctions.

J'ai commencé le cursus deux mois avant d'accoucher de mes filles jumelles avec une question en tête : vais-je réussir à arriver jusqu'au bout ? Et j'y suis parvenue grâce à entourage solidaire et confiant.

Le cursus incite à prendre de la hauteur et donne des grilles de lecture pour analyser les entreprises et les contextes organisationnels. Il pousse à la curiosité et à comprendre le fonctionnement des organisations, et avant toute chose, il positionne les Ressources Humaines comme une fonction clés, déterminante dans toute société. Après 18 mois de cours, je suis devenue beaucoup plus exigeante sur mes ambitions professionnelles et j'ai pu trouver un poste avec davantage de responsabilités.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai toujours mes notes et livres dans un coin de mes placards au cas où j'aurais besoin de m'échapper un peu du quotidien de mon métier et j'ai énormément de plaisir à discuter avec les personnes de la promotion 12 avec qui je suis restée en contact."


Anne Duigou

MBA RH - Promotion 11
PMU Vélizy Agency Director

The MBA RH program at Dauphine values open-mindedness, humility, as well as the human, collective intelligence and social dynamic at the heart of any business transformation, which is useful for both a Human Resources director and a manager. The highly qualified professors in this program challenge us to deconstruct and reconstruct our vision of numerous subjects, to reinvent paradigms and to rethink our positions on a continual basis. One of the fundamental teachings of this MBA HR program is that nothing is ever completely mastered; there is always something to learn from others, and one must remain curious to progress in life.
The heart of my job, today, in the position of Business Unit Director, is to develop the talent and skills of my team and reinforce the economic contribution of my profit base. I spend a great deal of energy ensuring the well being of my colleagues for our long-term and mutual benefit. In the near future, I am looking toward a position as Adjunct Director of Human Resources within my company because the MBA RH at Dauphine gave me everything I needed - and so much more - to make such a career move. In addition to the courses, it is the shared experiences of senior Directors of Human Resources or former Directors in the masters that makes the position particularly attractive to me.


Jean-Louis ROUSSEL

MBA RH - Promotion 9
HRD « Careers and Mobility» for supply-chain, finance, and information systems within the Operations Division of L’Oreal. This function has an international scope, covering approximately 2.500 executives.

Having spent 20 years in industrial and management functions in Europe and in Asia, I started this MBA HR at 45 years old. My wishes were :

  • To challenge myself from an intellectual point of view,
  • To step back, get the HR state of mind and thus prepare my professional evolution to HR Management,
  • But also to go back to university… looking for excellence and for an invigorating environment.

My 3 goals were reached at Dauphine, thanks to the top quality of its teachers, the pedagogical choices made and the personalities who were part of our 21 students group, made of varied nationalities and backgrounds.
What I found out the most significant is that this MBA HR seemed really aligned with reality, with the “real life” of a company : near systematic work in small groups, numerous subjects to manage in parallel, concepts used and studied on both operational and strategic levels. I think the other key point was the close contact made possible between teachers/researchers, experienced speakers, and our class of individuals being 40 years old on average. It allowed all of us to share experiences, and relevant and complementary insights without precluding confrontation and the necessity to align ourselves. It also brought significant added values to all of us, as most of the domains were new to the majority.
The possible definition of ‘experience’ being ‘a reality that has been analyzed afterwards’, the MBA HR of Dauphine is probably one of the best HR revealing process of that kind in France because it offers each person real clues to read back his/her own experience, and, at the same time, a powerful force to go forward, to a HR personal project which should already be matured prior to the MBA start. It is impossible to embark on this program without a strong conviction and motivation for this 20 months effort, as the required investment is significant. The program also has the guarantee of the Dauphine brand name : you work quite hard… and you then appreciate being able to rely on this in order to take up new challenges enthusiastically; challenges which are sure to appear in one’s professional environment.



MBA RH - Promotion 8
Human Resources Director of the OREXAD et ANFIDIS Groups

Working in a distribution group in charge of Human Resources, I completed an MBA, on demand from my superiors, in order to take up the post of DRH.
These two years were unbelievably rich in terms of exchanges both with the professors and my fellow students. The education provided enabled me to acquire a truly global dimension of the functioning of my company and its environment. It should be said that I was lucky enough to work in my group within the framework of the different work demanded in the different seminars. Thus I was able to take up my new post with complete knowledge of my company, its strategy and its competitive environment... Although generally knowledgeable about the function and with solid bases in the different aspects concerning Human Resources, I learnt tremendously through the professors and the stakeholders who transmitted their passion and the vision of practitioners and researchers of the subjects taught. I will particularly keep in mind the audit organizational method developped by Professor Romelaere as well as the Business Game and strategy class of Fabien BLANCHOT.
Over and above the education provided, these nearly two years of intense efforts opened my mind, enabled me to set the usual intellectual mechanism into motion, according to the pace of business and to think in the short term, all of which lead to a true strategic dimension. They especially contributed to new confidence in my skills, ideas and judgements, meaning that presently, I have a real business partner and consultant position in the management of my company and with my CEO.
The MBA is an intellectual experience and above all a life experience which I would strongly advise to any HRD to find his rightful place.

Laetitia Fieu

MBA RH - Promotion 7
HRD GLS France

In 2008, after 10 years in HR work, functioning in the mode of operation of major corporates, their organization and their vocabulary, I wished to exit reflexion and agreed methods, take more of an overview and especially rethink HR and its position in a company.

Rapidly Dauphine was the obvious choice; I was looking for a stimulating academic framework, conducive to reflexion and to open up other possibilities. The cursus of the HR MBA of Dauphine presented numerous advantages: external stakeholders of quality, teacher-researchers and practitioners, a renowned university both in France and abroad, a double diploma… Then I found other pleasant things in this course: the smile of Christiane, the cheerfulness of Fabien, the forgotten charms of the university restaurant, the conviviality, the cooperation, the tutoring sessions with Sylvia, the pleasure of writing…Writing as a vector of thought and reflexion, to debate, illustrate, develop, convince. Writing dozens and dozens of pages on core subjects when our days were filled with elliptical mailings or coded text messages; was a real pleasure… As an anecdote, we calculated approximately 1260 pages per participant including the famous end-of-year dissertation which monopolizes so much energy…Not to mention the study cases, numerous PowerPoint presentations to do, due to this RH MBA being in perfect adequation with the business world. It trains HR professionals (managers and technicians), to be aware of the most cutting-edge news, capable of accompanying a Board of Directors faced with the challenges of the company.

The classes are well-structured and complete: empirical, conceptual, practical methods; there is also time left for exchanges and debates. The program is conceived in such a way as to be perfectly integrated in our working and private lives. However, sometimes it’s a little hard on our families for we are less available during this period but at the end it’s difficult to believe it’s already over! 18 months’ training is both long and short. The investment is great, the learning intense, afterwards it’s up to each person to convert the try.



MBA RH - Promotion 7
Managing Director of HR Development for the Lagardère group

With my legal background, specializing in health care law and medico-social establishments, my previous professional experience was related to human resources management, whether at the CHU in Rennes or at the Association Monsieur Vincent.
During my different missions, I became increasingly aware that I wished to maintain and develop my skills in this field.
However, not having taken specific training in HRM, I explored every opportunity available in executive education and chose the Dauphine HR MBA for two main reasons :

  • The opportunity of obtaining a double diploma, recognized in France and internationally,
  • The strong managerial dimension of the program.

My aims were very clear :

  • favorizing sharing of experience,
  • consolidating the global skills acquired through my work and developing new ones,
  • enabling me to pursue other career opportunities (out of the medico-social sector).

I have achieved these aims, and specifically the latter, having changed jobs at the very end of the course (two weeks before defending my dissertation).
If I had to resume this two-year course in a few words…

  • the atmosphere of conviviality encouraged by the personality of the MBA Director and the devotion of the administrative support staff attuned to the participants’ needs,
  • the atmosphere of conviviality also encouraged by resolutely serious interventions and seminars, the quality of the external stakeholders and the richness of the program,
  • the infinitely rich debates between professors and participants,
  • the originality of certain programs (coaching/mentoring, business games, theatre)…

In short, a program of excellence, serious but not taking itself too seriously, and which enabled me to acquire self-confidence and to reassure myself in my professional choice.
An executive education program is a real challenge for a professional today. We don’t necessarily have the time required or the specific urge to take up such lengthy in-depth studies.
The Dauphine HR MBA, through its organization and programs, easily enables (or virtually,) the reconciling of collating knowledge, professional life and personal life.
An experience I cannot go through again but which I recommend.



MBA RH - Promotion 5
Human Resources Director Province KONE France

Right from the start, nothing presaged me for any function in human resources.
After a DEA in History at Paris IV in 1998 my horizon expanded rather to research and education.
But I was attracted to business. At that time only Dauphine had broadened its recruitment to different profiles in offering a drastic selection as attested notably by the writing of a research dissertation.
Thus I discovered a new world and had an oral interview with M De Montmorillon, President at the time. He informed me very sincerely that the places being scarce, together with my lack of business knowledge and functions, rendered my selection hypothetical. He then enquired what my alternative choice was, in case of refusal. « Working in this function and coming back with experience ».
10 years later, the HR program offer had significantly expanded but I still had Dauphine in mind.


After different HR positions, in recruitment, education and restructuring plan management, I perceived a lack.
Both technical and conceptual. The sham syndrome, well known to certain managers. It was time to consolidate acquisitions, stand back and develop new knowledge.


Let me be clear, the HR MBA requires a lot of personal investment. It is truly preferable to avoid changing jobs during the training course.
The classes and the stakeholders are excellent. The value of this kind of education resides in the exchange and inter-activity which are created during the classes and in the working groups. The class of Labour Law could become a session of debates when legal professionals attended the course.


For this is where the strength of the MBA is: to be able to regroup people of very different profiles (HR and sometimes non HR) in a same class.
Each person contributing with specific expertise. Through proven knowledge of work and put in practice in a company.


We learn a lot from this course both concerning the state of HR research as well as methodology or practices of other companies.
Apart from the fundamental knowledge provided, the method and team spirit are also developped.


Working in groups enables the re-appropriating of fundamental team work methods. The Dauphine teachers have this open-mindedness which enables them to work in groups on study cases either from Dauphine or elsewhere, for example, in my case, at Harvard.


During the HR MBA you also create a HR network, effective for years after the course. The traumatic experience for certain students, of the personal development workshop (notably the singing lesson) established close links within the Group.
After obtention of the diploma in 2008, I turned towards a HRM post in a very demanding DHL division in terms of social relations and legal knowledge.
After only 3 months, I was offered a HRD Ile-de-France position with 1200 people. Putting into practice concrete knowledge, immediately after the course, being capable of modeling situations of crisis to solve them and provide added value to a Directorate-General, have been the keys to success.


The excellent module on social relations management has saved my life several times in those moments.
Today I manage a region of 1000 people in the change management and development of ressources.
Participating in the HR MBA of Dauphine was undoubtedly the best decision of my career.



MBA RH - Promotion 3
Director of Human Resources of the Deaconesses Foundation of Reuilly
1400 employees, 25 sites, Healthcare and Medico-Social Sector

The originality of my professional career lies with its dual scientific and social sciences components.
A scientist by training, I completed a PhD in Immunology in 1996 (Institut Pasteur /Inserm), followed by two further years of research and teaching at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan.
A personal taste for organizations and social sciences led to my second career choice in 1999 with the inclusion of a HR consultancy firm, then on to the Institut Pasteur, as HRD. For 7 years, I have been in charge of the multi-sites of the Operational Direction of the Healthcare and Medico-social Establishment on budgets of 5 to 7 million Euros, as well as the HRD Group.
The HR MBA at Dauphine was an exceptional experience from which I retain the excellence of the theoretical and practical contributions of professional stakeholders which enabled us to develop an authentic, vast and current vision.
The program is really well designed. It is well balanced and takes place over 18 months which enables the participants to pursue their careers. It fosters exchange dynamics between participants from diverse backgrounds which are indispensable assets to forge ahead in changing environments.
To conclude, I would like to say that it is also a unique chance of breathing fresh air! And you do need to take a lot of deep breaths to accompany men and organizations over the long term !



MBA RH - Promotion 1
Associate at ORES SEARCH, recruiting of managers and directors through direct approach

After 25 years working for important groups, with operational and increasingly more corporate responsibilities; with teams to manage, I felt the need to understand my relationships with others better and to formalize what I was doing, without knowing exactly and with the perspective of reinvesting myself on new ground and with time ahead.

Thus I needed a living space, free of pretense, dynamic and general where work is done in groups. Dauphine was this space for me, where I was able to breathe pure fresh air and listen to the opinions of the teachers and also the working HRDs illustrating the values of their functions. I love Dauphine and this program because it is serious, it’s essential but not taken too seriously, and there is a particular atmosphere which makes you feel like becoming better with the others and for the others.

The HR MBA was a concrete way of redirecting my career trajectory and to demonstrate this on the market, it’s a clear stand which is not innocuous.

Very happy and in the right place, my wish today is, 12 years later, to keep and develop this relationship with Dauphine.